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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1900 Windows 10 / Universal Windows Platform port bennylp enhancement normal release-2.6 common
#2170 When using pjsua2 API, Re-INVITE with no SDP will be responded with 488 response bennylp defect normal release-2.9 pjsip
#2221 When using Openssl as TLS backend, close notify alert is not sent before closing the connection riza defect normal release-2.10 pjlib
#1319 When sips scheme is used, TLS must be used even when transport=tcp is specified in the URI (thanks Iñaki Baz Castillo for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.12 pjsip
#2054 When set CXXCFLAGS manually, make sure it is applied correctly. bennylp defect normal release-2.7.1 common
#1740 When request URI uses sips scheme, TLS must always be used (thanks Peter Koletzki for the report) bennylp defect normal release-2.2.1 pjsip
#2014 When receiving an SDP answer for SRTP, process the tag correctly based on the offer nanang defect normal release-2.7 pjmedia
#488 When outgoing request within dialog is responded with 481 or 408, should send BYE after terminating dialog (thanks Philippe Leuba) bennylp defect major release-0.9.0 pjsip
#71 When host doesn't have any NIC interfaces, it should return instead of error bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 pjlib
#1240 When call is redirected with 3xx response, call info may still show old target as the remote peer bennylp defect normal release-1.10 pjsua-lib
#1281 What pjmedia_vid_param fields are initialized by default_param()? ming defect minor release-2.0-alpha pjmedia
#497 Waveform Similarity Based Overlap-Add (WSOLA) implementation nanang enhancement normal release-0.9.0 pjmedia
#1480 Wav player not rewinding after resetting the position to zero (thanks Han Rui and Alejandro Orellana for the feedback) nanang defect normal release-1.14 pjmedia
#1702 Warnings when building/linking the Python module due to different linker architecture bennylp defect normal release-2.2 python
#1197 WSAECONNRESET errors on Windows 2000 or 2003 may cause UDP transport to stop working bennylp defect normal release-1.10 pjlib
#1273 WMME-dev extended format not yet ported nanang task normal release-2.0-beta pjmedia-audiodev
#968 WMME audio device initialization should not return non-PJ_SUCCESS just because of no audio device installed. nanang defect normal release-1.5 pjmedia-audiodev
#454 WMME assertion after running application for a while bennylp defect minor Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjmedia
#67 WAV playlist support bennylp enhancement normal release-0.5.10 pjmedia
#1502 WAV player with NO_LOOP option still plays samples from start in the last frame (thanks Dmitry Dudkin for the patch) nanang defect normal release-1.14.2 pjmedia
#447 WAV player cuts last data from the WAV file bennylp defect normal release-0.9.0 pjmedia
#1365 Volume setting not applied in Symbian MDA audio device creation nanang defect normal release-1.12 pjmedia-audiodev
#1881 Visual Studio 2015 support bennylp enhancement normal release-2.5 common
#72 Visual Studio 2005 Workspace support bennylp enhancement normal release-0.5.10 common
#85 Visual Studio 2005 Sample-Makefile bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 applications
#1478 Virtual video device for streaming AVI file ming enhancement normal release-2.0-rc pjmedia-videodev
#1435 Vidgui stuck after re-INVITE bennylp defect normal release-2.0-rc applications
#1280 Videoport only buffers 1 frame nanang defect minor release-2.x pjmedia
#1261 Video tee ming task major release-2.0-alpha pjmedia
#1201 Video support in PJSUA-LIB bennylp enhancement normal release-2.0-dev pjsua-lib
#1444 Video stream not transmitting when native preview is used (thanks Régis Montoya for the fix) bennylp defect normal release-2.0-rc pjsua-lib
#1876 Video renderer restarted multiple times nanang defect normal release-2.4.5 pjmedia
#1827 Video port's clock thread may get stuck during format change event bennylp defect normal release-2.4 common
#1304 Video port review/refactoring ming defect normal release-2.0-alpha pjmedia
#1236 Video payload type issues (mostly for H.264) nanang defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjmedia
#1360 Video orientation support nanang defect normal release-2.0-alpha2 pjmedia
#1850 Video local preview cannot be started during an active video call on Android bennylp defect normal release-2.4.5 pjsua-lib
#1437 Video keyframe request/response using RTCP feedback Picture Loss Indication nanang enhancement normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#1501 Video format changed event triggered repeatedly when receiving dynamic video framerate (thanks Omar Hussein for the report) nanang defect normal release-2.0 pjmedia
#1265 Video events bennylp task major release-2.0-alpha pjsua-lib
#1729 Video devices may still be built even when video is disabled (thanks Tzafrir Cohen for the patch) ming defect normal release-2.2 pjmedia-videodev
#2181 Video conference implementation enhancement normal release-2.9 pjmedia
#1361 Video codec API changes bennylp defect normal release-2.0-alpha2 pjmedia
#2022 Video Toolbox H264 encoder and decoder for Mac and iOS nanang enhancement normal release-2.7 pjmedia
#1263 Video API for PJSUA-LIB nanang task major release-2.0-alpha pjsua-lib
#1996 Via-Header mismatch in CANCEL bennylp defect normal release-2.7 pjsip
#1537 Via rewrite: putting the right IP address in Via sent-by for outgoing requests bennylp enhancement normal release-2.0.1 pjsip
#2085 Via header mismatch in CANCEL bennylp defect normal release-2.8 pjsip
#1423 Verify call media states after a re-offer rejected by peer bennylp defect normal release-2.0-rc pjsua-lib
#2096 Various updates in DTLS-SRTP nanang defect normal release-2.8 pjmedia
#684 Various transmit data buffer leaks when transmission fails immediately bennylp defect normal release-1.0.1 pjsip
#1920 Various patches related to FFMpeg nanang enhancement normal release-2.5.1 pjmedia
#1974 Various fixes for DNS, primarily for IPv6 bennylp defect normal release-2.6 pjlib-util
#1347 Various cases of bad SDP answer generated when receiving offer with multiple media. bennylp defect normal release-2.0-alpha pjsua-lib
#348 Various bugs in string comparison functions bennylp defect normal release-0.8.0 pjlib
#2135 Various PJSUA tests (Python scripts, unit tests) updates and fixes bennylp defect normal release-2.8 unit-tests
#1768 Various Android fixes related to garbage collector and other crashes bennylp defect normal release-2.3 common
#548 Validate memory usage bennylp task normal release-1.0-rc1 common
#1600 V4L2 capture device always re-enqueue buffer with index zero (thanks Atilla Filiz for the patch) ming defect normal release-2.1 pjmedia-videodev
#1380 Using locking to specific listener feature may cause outgoing TCP connection to be created for every request bennylp defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjsip
#1196 Using default audio input/output devices in coreaudio backend on Mac OS X. nanang enhancement normal release-1.10 pjmedia-audiodev
#628 Use the fixed point version of IPP G.729 implementation on architectures that don't have FPU (thanks Seth Hinze for the patch). nanang enhancement normal release-1.0-rc3 pjmedia
#2249 Use sorted linked list for timer riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjlib
#1764 Use latest early media SDP received on forked early media on 18x response. bennylp enhancement normal release-2.3 pjsip
#2211 Use group lock instead of mutex for SIP dialog which is useful for B2BUA scenarios riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjsip
#1819 Use expiration field to indicate registration/unregistration in registration callback bennylp enhancement normal release-2.4 pjsip
#2205 Use bound address for outgoing UDP SIP messages ming defect normal release-2.9 pjsua-lib
#2047 Use ar/ranlib from android ndk binutils when building using clang with --use-ndk-cflags option bennylp defect normal release-2.7.1 common
#1613 Use appropriate request for ioctl() function to access the interface flags (thanks to Peter Koletzki for the report) bennylp defect normal release-2.1 pjlib
#792 Use Visual Studio property sheets for all projects ismangil enhancement normal common
#1673 Use Request URI when matching incoming request to account if the To URI contains tel: URL bennylp enhancement normal release-2.2 pjsua-lib
#1298 Use PJ_ERROR consistently bennylp enhancement minor release-2.9 common
#1494 Use EC options to determine whether to use device/software EC nanang enhancement normal release-1.14 pjmedia
#1246 Use CFHost API for pj_getaddrinfo() on iPhone OS bennylp defect normal release-1.10 pjlib
#1287 Use "static const char*" to replace "define THIS_FILE" if that reduces size bennylp enhancement minor release-2.x common
#364 Upon shutdown, un-REGISTER request should be sent only after un-PUBLISH request has completed successfully bennylp defect normal release-1.5 pjsua-lib
#1847 Upgrade libsrtp version and support for AES-256 crypto nanang enhancement normal release-2.5 pjmedia
#2177 Updated configure-android script for NDK r17, r18, r19 nanang defect normal release-2.9 common
#165 Updated config.sub to support new targets (eg. blackfin) bennylp enhancement normal release- common
#166 Updated config.sub to support new targets (eg. blackfin) bennylp enhancement normal release-0.7.0-rc1 common
#2132 Updated account matching algo for incoming request bennylp enhancement normal release-2.8 pjsua-lib
#451 Updated PortAudio to the latest revision nanang defect blocker release-0.9.0 pjmedia
#1846 Update to use 'HIGH' ciphers as default in OpenSSL bennylp enhancement normal release-2.4.5 applications
#991 Update to the latest PortAudio (PA) and fix PA issues on MacOS X Snow Leopard (thanks Saul Ibarra Corretge for the fix) nanang defect normal release-1.5.5 pjmedia-audiodev
#598 Update to draft-ietf-behave-rfc3489bis-18 and draft-ietf-behave-turn-09 bennylp enhancement normal release-1.0-rc1 pjnath
#1736 Update to bdSound's bdiMad audio device to support output routing nanang enhancement normal release-2.2 pjmedia-audiodev
#1250 Update the year in copyright text in all files bennylp enhancement normal release-1.10 common
#1348 Update the year in copyright text in all files bennylp enhancement normal release-2.0-alpha common
#1383 Update the transport adapter sample in pjsua bennylp defect normal release-1.12 applications
#559 Update the pool alternative API (pool_alt.h) with the latest pool API bennylp defect minor release-1.0-rc1 pjlib
#996 Update the ETag header in the pending PUBLISH requests if the value changes in the previous request (thanks Johan Lantz for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.6 pjsip
#632 Update resample with libresample implementation to use relative include path (thanks Seth Hinze for the patch). nanang enhancement minor Known-Issues pjmedia
#2053 Update pjsua_get_snd_dev() info before calling on_snd_dev_operation() callback bennylp enhancement normal release-2.7.1 pjsua-lib
#2071 Update pjsip_resolve() to be able to return more than one resolved address bennylp enhancement normal release-2.8 pjsip
#1933 Update pjnath-test for IPv6 support bennylp enhancement normal release-2.5.5 pjnath
#2157 Update media transport adapter sample nanang defect normal release-2.9 pjmedia
#2065 Update libyuv version to fix linker error when building dll on Visual Studio 2015 bennylp defect normal release-2.8 third-party
#2004 Update libyuv version to fix compile errors on old gcc versions bennylp task normal release-2.7 third-party
#1812 Update libsrtp to the latest version bennylp enhancement normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas third-party
#638 Update jitter buffer to avoid/reduce such case of shrinking and underflow occuring one after another. nanang enhancement normal release-1.0-rc3 pjmedia
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