Milestone release-2.0

Completed 12 years ago (May 22, 2012 10:04:17 AM)


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For this major release, please see PJSIP 2.0 Release Notes

For a complete ticket list, please also see various 2.0 milestones:

Ticket list (partial, not including alpha, beta, or rc tickets):

Release notes: documentation about changes and new features in 2.0
Automated testing code for video
Configure options to disable video
Video format changed event triggered repeatedly when receiving dynamic video framerate (thanks Omar Hussein for the report)
Crash when trying to answer calls but call has been disconnected
Add PJSUA callback for SDP creation (thanks Peter Koletzki for the feedback)
Miscellaneous fixes
Backport of 1.14.2 fixes
Assertion after peer removes a media line in an SDP reoffer and adds it back in the next SDP reoffer (thanks Ilya Kalinin for the report)
Option to continue ICE operation even when STUN resolution fails
Assertion when media transport initialization fails and NULL instead DISCONNECTED is reported in the on_call_state() callback

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