Milestone release-2.0-dev

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Video Development

Note: This is not a real release, but rather just temporary placeholder to put tickets related to video development so that we can plan our work here. As such the due date isn't real either.

Currently the development takes place at branch.

More structured view about what's available in 2.0 is in ReleaseNotes-2.0 document. Note that the document is also a work in progress.

Current Tasks:

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
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All Tickets:

Migration of current video works from private repository to this repository
vstream (video stream) implementation and sample
QuickTime capture device for Mac OS X and iOS's capture and render device
aviplay.c sample application
Dynamic creation of media transports
SDP works
Video support in PJSUA-LIB
Deprecation of <pjmedia/session.h>
Misc fixes
Work on video devices
Work on sample applications
Work on ffmpeg codecs
Compiler directive for data alignment
Support for Intel IPP7
Incoming SDP reoffer containing secured and unsecured media gets rejected in SRTP mandatory mode
Assertion if new media is added during call
Assertion if remote removes media line

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