Milestone release-2.0-rc

Completed 11 years ago (Apr 27, 2012 9:59:29 AM)


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Release focus:

  1. Video. This would be the highlight of the release. The video framework will be similar to current audio framework in version 1.x. Initially it will be available on Windows platforms. Availability on other platforms will be decided as we go along.
  2. On-demand Media Transport. Media transport will be created as needed, to increase NAT robustness and to reduce power consumption.
  3. Third party media support.
  4. Sipecho

Ticket List:


Duplicated compilation flags
Miscellaneous fixes
Backport/merge all changes from the 1.x branch

pjlib, pjlib-util:

No results


No results

pjmedia, pjmedia-audiodev:

How to set bandwidth
Missing destroy method in opencore-amrnb codec factory (thanks Werner Dittmann for the fix)
Memory leak in setting default video codec parameters (thanks Bo Shi for the feedback)
Configure does not detect and set ffmpeg dependency to x264 properly causing link error
Modify video port to create its own clock instead of using the device's clock
Frame rate setting for H263 encoder is ignored
Incoming video quality degraded a lot when encoder MTU setting decreased to half
Control video packets send rate (thanks Faba Aa for the feedback)
Apply RTCP enhancements for video stream


Add baseclasses sample in third_party directory required by dshow_dev
Stuck in SDL when destroying video window if the parent window is not closed
CoInitializeEx by application prevents dshow device from working (thanks Michael for the report)v
Add support for SDL job queue to grow in size
Virtual video device for streaming AVI file

pjsip, pjsua-lib:

Create media transport dynamically in PJSUA-LIB
Verify call media states after a re-offer rejected by peer
Review the case of no active media after SDP negotiation
Unable to make call if disabled media is included
Video stream not transmitting when native preview is used (thanks Régis Montoya for the fix)
Assertion when making call to any destination with unresolved host name (thanks Curt Sampson for the report)
pjsua_call_make_call: assertion failure when rapidly making calls
Separation of PJMEDIA specific implementation to support third party media stack/library in PJSUA-LIB
Crash in destroying pjsua with an active call and sound device managed by app (thanks Thomas Martin for the report).
Fixed bug in terminating the invite session when accepting incoming call
Crash in destroying pjsua while a call is disconnecting with incomplete SDP negotiation
Crash in pjsua destroy after an incoming call rejected with session timer too small

applications, python, unit-tests, third-party:

vidgui: new rendering window may cause all rendering processes to stop
Vidgui stuck after re-INVITE
Fixes and updates on vid_streamutil sample app

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