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Version 2.0 - Alpha Release

This lists works required for alpha release of version 2.0. Currently the development takes place at branch.

New: we just have a new Video User's Guide!

There is a draft ReleaseNotes-2.0 document that is still far from finished.

Ticket List:

Component: applications (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1327 Simple GUI for video API testing nanang major
#1354 vidgui: stopping preview may hide main/parent window ming normal

Component: common (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1254 Provide different doxygen documentation for different PJSIP versions in the website ismangil major
#1271 Protect all video features inside #if PJMEDIA_HAS_VIDEO macro ming major
#1278 System specific initialization during application startup ming major
#1187 Documentation and wiki ismangil normal
#1296 Deprecate Visual Studio 6 ismangil normal
#1326 Code integration to svn trunk! nanang normal
#1329 Option in configure to specify alternate location for SDL bennylp normal
#1348 Update the year in copyright text in all files bennylp normal
#1320 Miscellaneous bennylp minor
#1324 Build correctness on non-video platforms (Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile) ming minor

Component: pjmedia (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1261 Video tee ming major
#1284 Media event framework bennylp normal
#1294 New pjmedia_codec_register_audio_codecs() API nanang normal
#1304 Video port review/refactoring ming normal
#1323 Unit test for video port ming normal
#1325 Signature for pjmedia objects nanang normal
#1345 Assertion in codec operations caused by too small supplied buffer size. nanang normal
#1281 What pjmedia_vid_param fields are initialized by default_param()? ming minor
#1282 Change "*fmt" in pjmedia_vid_dev_info to array ming minor
#1295 pjmedia_codec_encode() instead of codec->encode nanang minor

Component: pjmedia-videodev (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1332 Design: review the window API vs window handle passing nanang major
#1334 Refactor: SDL device ming major
#1274 SDL video resize ming normal
#1285 Add support for SDL 1.3 ming normal
#1288 Compatibility with DirectX SDK Jun 2010 ming normal
#1292 Make sure each video device and video port instance is always unidirectional ming normal
#1309 Add video device capability to support changing position and hiding of renderer window ming normal
#1312 Support for refreshing video device list ming normal
#1353 Memory leak in qt_dev ming normal
#1275 pjmedia_vid_subsys_xx() (videodev) is not a good name ming minor
#1286 Stride issue in dshow renderer (Video Mixing Renderer) ming minor

Component: pjsua-lib (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1263 Video API for PJSUA-LIB nanang major
#1265 Video events bennylp major
#1235 Lock codec feature not working properly for video codecs bennylp normal
#1338 Apply the new fields in account configs to pjsua_modify_acc() bennylp normal
#1339 Add renderer device ID into video window info bennylp normal
#1347 Various cases of bad SDP answer generated when receiving offer with multiple media. bennylp normal
#1349 Crash if pjsua is shutdown without turning off preview bennylp normal
#1351 Option to initially hide preview window, otherwise the window will float initially bennylp normal
#1352 Problem when a capture device shared among multiple video calls bennylp normal
#1357 Temporarily disable event in pjsua bennylp normal
#1299 New callback to notify that sound device needs to be opened or closed bennylp minor

Component: python (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1346 Fixes and updates on python-based test bennylp normal

Component: unit-tests (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1344 Automated test schedule bennylp normal

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