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#1272 Duplicated compilation flags bennylp defect normal release-2.0-rc common
#1527 Debugging aid for timers and fix timer issues bennylp defect normal release-2.0.1 common
#1548 Crash due to racing condition in timer when call is disconnected quickly (thanks Joshua Colp for the report!) bennylp defect normal release-2.1 common
#1703 General bug fixes with analysis tools bennylp defect normal release-2.2 common
#1715 PJSIP Book bennylp enhancement normal release-2.2 common
#985 Write to freed memory area with IoCompletionPort (IOCP) ioqueue backend may lead to application crash bennylp defect normal release-1.5.5 pjlib
#126 4.4.3 Implement STUN client side TURN bennylp task normal ICE pjlib-util
#78 Noisy audio with upsampling in the conference bridge bennyp defect normal release-0.5.10 pjmedia
#270 Configurable pool sizes for pjmedia bennylp task normal Symbian-trunk-integration pjmedia
#290 Bug in WAV player when frame size is larger than file buffer size (thanks Samuel Vinson) bennylp defect normal release-0.7.0 pjmedia
#683 Crash/segfault on pjmedia_wsola_create() on ARM9 platform with GCC optimizations nanang defect normal Known-Issues pjmedia
#783 Latency issue with Windows Mobile (thanks Johan Lantz for the report) nanang defect normal release-1.4 pjmedia
#848 Audio drops out with the DirectSound sound device after few hours running nanang defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjmedia
#1042 The pjmedia echo cancellation wrapper causes Speex AEC to stop working (thanks Bill Gardner for the report) nanang defect major release-1.6 pjmedia
#1084 Invalid negotiated codec after SDP negotiation nanang defect normal release-1.7 pjmedia
#1115 iPhone: Long delay when calling AudioConverterNew() causing timeout in acquiring pjsua lock (thanks Bogdan Krakowski the report) nanang defect normal release-1.8 pjmedia
#1140 Crash on disconnecting call with SRTP + ICE (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the report) nanang defect normal release-1.8.5 pjmedia
#1280 Videoport only buffers 1 frame nanang defect minor release-2.x pjmedia
#2154 Test with Opus 1.3 nanang task normal release-2.9 pjmedia
#741 Makefiles, VS 2005, and eVC projects for audiodev library nanang task normal release-1.1 pjmedia-audiodev
#3 TLS support bennylp enhancement major release-0.5.10 pjsip
#50 Explicit use of transports bennylp enhancement normal release-0.5.10 pjsip
#554 Automatically detect the realm for authenticating against IMS servers, so that application/user doesn't have to fill in the realm value beforehand, to simplify provisioning (thanks Philippe Leuba for the suggestion) bennylp enhancement normal release-1.0-rc1 pjsip
#713 Assertion in "../src/pjsip/sip_util.c:729: pjsip_process_route_set()" (thanks Ramesh D for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.1 pjsip
#755 Problems with IPv6 SIP transport (thanks Cedric Levequ for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.1 pjsip
#1231 Crash in iPhone iOS when trying to make a call after the application is left running for days (thanks Alejandro Orellana for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.12 pjsip
#1488 Problem with sending and receiving large (INVITE) requests over TCP on Android 4.0.2/4.0.3 possibly due to fragmentation bennylp defect normal release-2.1 pjsip
#2109 NAT64: Rewrite remote IPv4 address in Contact or Route bennylp defect normal release-2.9 pjsip
#995 Send un-PUBLISH when pjsua_acc_set_registration(FALSE) is called (thanks Johan Lantz for the suggestion) bennylp defect normal release-1.6 pjsua-lib
#1063 Audio stutter when using audio switchboard with narrowband codec (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.7 pjsua-lib
#1428 Review the case of no active media after SDP negotiation bennylp defect normal release-2.0-rc pjsua-lib
#894 pjnath-test failed on ICE test when the host has three or more network adapters bennylp defect normal release-1.3 unit-tests
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