Milestone release-1.8

Completed 14 years ago (Sep 9, 2010 4:51:17 AM)


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Objective: enhancements and stabilization to 1.x tree before the code is branched for 2.0 development.

Release focus:

Incompatibility info:

  • the require_timer field in both pjsua_config and pjsua_acc_config has been renamed to use_timer, and the type from bool to enum pjsua_sip_timer_use.

Ticket List:


iPhone: Add support for Apple iOS4 background feature
Dummy commits for automated testing
More work on automated testing for PJSIP
Configurable PJSUA-LIB lock timeout (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the report)
Add last error code to PJSUA-LIB account info structure
Run-time configuration option for usage modes of SIP Session Timer extension in PJSUA-LIB

Bug Fixes:

DNS deadlock (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the report)
Miscellaneous and minor fixes
IPP G.729 codec still generates silence packet when annexb=no (thanks Arie Velthoen for the report and fix)
iPhone: Echo cancellation may not work on iOS using SDK 4.x
Wrong bytes_per_frame in stream port info (thanks Thomas Giesel for the report and fix)
iPhone: Long delay when calling AudioConverterNew() causing timeout in acquiring pjsua lock (thanks Bogdan Krakowski the report)
Bug in regenerating elements of some headers when incoming request contains escaped characters (thanks Ferguen Adel for the report)
Crash if sending UPDATE fails in session timer module because network connectivity is lost (thanks Robbie Hanson for the fix!)

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