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#2245 Reconnect video stream listeners in video conference bridge after format changed nanang defect normal release-2.10 pjsua-lib
#2247 Distorted video sent by iOS 13 devices nanang defect normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2248 Memory leak if stream fails to be created ming defect normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2249 Use sorted linked list for timer riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjlib
#2250 Enable OpenH264 native log riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2251 Deadlock between PJSUA LOCK and conference mutex ming defect normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2252 Fix Darwin video issue if supplied image height is different from the resolution ming defect normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2253 Support for VP8 and VP9 video codec ming enhancement normal release-2.10 pjmedia-videodev
#2254 Incoming SDP offer with SRTP-DTLS rejected with PJMEDIA_SDPNEG_ENOMEDIA nanang defect normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2255 Add API for making video window full screen nanang enhancement normal release-2.10 pjmedia-videodev
#2256 Failed building SWIG java binding for android (x86 target) nanang defect normal release-2.10 applications
#2257 Filter SRTP crypto for setting DTLS-SRTP profile supported by by OpenSSL riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjmedia
#2258 Add PJSUA2 API to get and set OPUS codec setting riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjsua2
#2259 Fix check to cleanup provisional media ming defect normal release-2.10 pjsua-lib
#2260 Potential deadlock between sip_transaction and sip_reg ming defect normal release-2.10 applications
#2261 Prevent unnecessary locking when adding group lock handler ming enhancement normal release-2.10 pjsip
#2262 Notify when IP change handling is completed riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjsua-lib
#2263 Add callback to notify when first valid pair is found on ICE negotiation riza enhancement normal release-2.10 pjnath
#2264 Potential deadlock between pjsua lock and sip transport's lock ming defect normal release-2.10 pjsip
#2265 Compatibility issues on Python 3.7 or above nanang defect normal release-2.10 python
#2266 Allow Via header with IPv6 containing [] ming enhancement normal release-2.10 pjsip
#79 Make available new audio device that is plugged after application is running bennylp enhancement minor Known-Issues-and-Ideas applications
#545 Handle nameserver that (incorrectly) returns DNS RCODE 2/5/9 for DNS SRV query bennylp defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjlib-util
#663 ICE negotiation may not complete indefinitely if remote doesn't perform any connectivity checks bennylp defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjnath
#677 System wall clock/time change will cause timer heap entries to be scheduled wrongly bennylp defect normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjlib
#678 Support fail-over to secondary STUN server if resolution fails bennylp enhancement normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjsua-lib
#1098 Command Line Interface Framework bennylp enhancement normal release-2.x pjlib-util
#1122 Android port bennylp enhancement normal release-2.x common
#1123 SWIG binding for PJSUA-LIB for Java, Python, C#, etc. bennylp enhancement normal release-2.x pjsua-lib
#1126 Get a working echo cancellation for mobile and embedded systems nanang enhancement normal release-2.x pjmedia
#1322 New console app ming enhancement major release-2.x applications
#1704 Windows Phone WP8 Port bennylp enhancement normal release-2.x common
#12 Python binding for PJSUA-LIB bennylp task major common
#784 Add new build configurations for Dynamic and Static ismangil enhancement normal common
#792 Use Visual Studio property sheets for all projects ismangil enhancement normal common
#1148 Assertion when offering SDP media with port zero but answered with port non-zero nanang defect normal pjmedia
#1771 Run-time configuration to enable user set specific socket option bennylp enhancement normal pjlib
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