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Building for Other Platforms

The Autoconf system can be used to cross compile.

The old PJLIB build system can still be used for building PJ libraries, for example for RTEMS target. Please see the Porting PJLIB page in PJLIB Reference documentation for information on how to support new target using this build system. Supported Targets The older build system supports building PJ libraries for the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • MacOS X
  • Cygwin and Mingw

And it supports the following target architectures:

  • i386, x86_64, itanium
  • ARM
  • mips
  • powerpc
  • mpc860
  • etc.

For other targets, specific files need to be added to the build system, please see Porting PJLIB in PJLIB Reference documentation for details. Invoking the Build System

To invoke the older build system, run the following:

$ cd pjproject
$ ./configure-legacy
$ make dep && make clean && make