Installing OpenSSL Library

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If TLS support is wanted, then OpenSSL SDK must be installed in the development host.

To install OpenSSL SDK from the Win32 binary distribution:

  1. Install OpenSSL SDK to any folder (e.g. C:\OpenSSL)
  2. Add OpenSSL DLL location to the system PATH.
  3. Add OpenSSL include path to Visual Studio includes search directory. Make sure that OpenSSL header files can be accessed from the program with #include <openssl/ssl.h> construct.
  4. Add OpenSSL library path to Visual Studio library search directory. Make sure the following libraries are accessible:
    • libeay32 and ssleay32 (it is recommended to use the same run-time option for PJSIP and the libraries). So, if you compile PJSIP with Multithreaded Debug (/MTd), you may need to use the same run-time option when compiling the library. Please consult the library's doc for more details.

Then to enable TLS transport support in PJSIP, please check configuring PJSIP with TLS.

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