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Problems with byte ordering in Symbian

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We are having problems with STUN in Symbian. It seems like
STUN request packets do not have the correct format. When
using Windows Mobile, STUN data starts with 0x0001 (Binding
Request); when using Symbian, STUN data starts with 0x0100 -
which does not seem correct.

Presently, pj_htons() is a no-op (pj/sock_symbian.cpp:219):

 * Convert 16-bit value from host byte order to network byte order.
PJ_DEF(pj_uint16_t) pj_htons(pj_uint16_t hostshort)
  /* There's no difference in host/network byte order in Symbian */
  return hostshort;

We have a deeper problem here. While it's true that the integers in TInetAddr are in host order (therefore pj_ntohx() and pj_htonx() can be made no-op), the pj_ntohx()/pj_htonx() are used by other functions so they must convert the host/network orders correctly.

For now, a quick fix is to replace pj_htonx()/pj_ntohx() calls in STUN with something like swap16() and swap32(). Apart from this, unnfortunately pj_ntohx/pj_htonx are used in RTP and RTCP as well..

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Done. The pj_sockaddr_in now always stores value in network byte order, like all other targets. PJ will convert the value to host byte order before calling Symbian functions.

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