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Unassigned Features

And below are features which are useful, or nice to have, but currently aren't assigned to any versions yet. If you feel that we should implement any of this, please vote for it in pjsip mailing list (or better yet, you can sponsor us to develop the feature).

  • TCP media transport (comedia)
  • more IMS friendly
  • video

and many more of course..

Ticket list

Tickets assigned for this milestone:

Issues with Windows Vista
Add support for G.723.1 codec
Handling of multipart message bodies in the invite session (thanks Johan Lantz for the suggestion)
Integration of codec G.722.1 and G.722.1c (SIREN7/14) to 1.0.x series
Endianness issue in IPP G.722.1 codec.
API: Ability to pass preview and rendering view to application
API: Ability to start and stop video on the fly

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