Free/Open Source Projects using PJSIP

These projects are maintained by their respective authors, and is not part of PJ software. For all comments, help, bug fixes, patches, etc., please consult the PJSIP mailing list or email the authors directly.




PJSIP open source "static library" for iOS, to with utilities to download/compile the latest versions of pjsip, as well as clear instructions to add it as a XCode dependency (and git submodule).

Author: Otávio Zabaleta

Added: 2015/06/03


"GreenJ is an open source Voice-over-IP phone software using pjsip and Qt. It can easily be used to build your own VoIP phone system. Our approach was not to build a complete phone with user interface, but instead provide an application that handles only the communication. The program logic and user interface are separated from the application by using an integrated browser. We use webkit as browser engine, which is well integrated into Qt (QWebView). A Javascript interface handles all communications between application and webpage. This means that you can use GreenJ as it is and create your VoIP phone entirely in HTML and JavaScript."

Author: Lorem Ipsum Mediengesellschaft m.b.H.

Added: 2011/11/18


"MicroSIP - free portable SIP softphone based on PJSIP stack for Windows OS, allowing high quality VoIP calls (p2p or on regular telephones) via open SIP protocol."

Goals of project:

  • 100% work with any number of NATs in both sides
  • Voice quality
  • Small RAM usage
  • Usability


Author: MDev Group

Added: 2011/08/18


A native SIP client for Android. Screenshots:

Author: Régis Montoya

Added: 2010/09/15


A Java Native Interface (JNI) wrapper for pjsip, supporting PJSUA API.

Author: Florian Hackenberger

Added: 2010/09/15


Telephone is a softphone for Mac that integrates with Mac OS X address book. Screenshots:

Author: Alexei Kuznetsov

Added: 2010/04/20


TransferHTTP: A SIP Integrated Web Browser for HTTP Session Mobility and Multimedia Services

Artemisa is a VoIP/SIP-specific honeypot software designed to connect to a VoIP enterprise domain as a user-agent backend in order to detect malicious activity at an early stage. Moreover, the honeypot can play a role in the real-time adjustment of the security policies of the enterprise domain where it is deployed.

Artemisa uses the Python module provided by PJSIP

Author: Rodrigo do Carmo

Added: 2010/04/20


TransferHTTP: A SIP Integrated Web Browser for HTTP Session Mobility and Multimedia Services

Web session migration is one of the ways of improving the web browsing experience. Other ways include the use of bookmarks and web history synchronization. This extension, TransferHTTP, provides an HTTP Session Mobility and Multimedia Services using SIP.

Author: Michael Adeyeye

Added: 2010/03/16


This SIP softphone is written in Java as an eclipse RCP application. It uses the pjsip SIP stack for connecting to SIP servers. The phone runs on Windows and Linux. It would run on Mac OS too, but manually compiling it is necessary because of the JNI bindings to pjsip. The Java-JNI binding which are used by the phone are hosted on, but are currently included in the SVN tree.

Author: Florian Hackenberger

Added: 2010/01/25

Host Identity Protocol for Linux (HIPL)

The Host Identity Protocol (HIP) and the related architecture form a proposal to change the TCP/IP stack to securely support mobility and multi-homing. Additionally, they provide for enhanced security and privacy and advanced network concepts, such as moving networks and mobile ad hoc networks. The InfraHIP project studies application related aspects of HIP, including APIs, rendezvous service, operating system security, multiple end-points within a single host, process migration, and issues related to enterprise-level solutions.

Author: Miika Komu.

Media Impairments Simulator

Network-emulator is a simple utility intended to test how network losses affects speech quality in VoIP-based applications. Experimenter can set up loss rate, bandwidth, encoder options and select one of the packet loss suppression algorithm.

Emulator can help quickly obtain these measures:

  • compare encoding quality for different codecs and codecs modes.
  • estimate the impact of the loss level and distribution on the speech quality.
  • estimate the impact of the different PLC algorithms on the speech quality.

Author: Roman Imankulov.

VoiDroid (VoIP client for Android)

Add VoIP SIP client functionality to Android phones.

Author: Jurij Smakov.

TCL Wrapper for PJSUA-API

See README.txt

Authors: Antonio F. Cano Damas and Mats Bengtsson.


SvSIP is a project to port PJSIP on Nintendo DS (and also iPod Touch it seems!). Please check it out, it's cool!

Author: Samuel Vinson.

Sipek SDK

.. "SipekSDK is a small VoIP Software Development Kit written in C#. The goal of SipekSDK is to offer simple and easy to use API for VoIP developers."

Author: Sasa Coh


.. "Sipek is a SIP phone & messaging client based on generic VoIP engine powered by SIP stack. Combining voice calls, Instant Messaging and presence in an intuitive user interface, Sipek takes you into the world of Voice over IP. The project is based on SipekSDK VoIP library. Currently it supports a C# wrapper to connect to pjSIP stack. The wrapper (pjsipdll) part of Sipek can be used in other .Net projects including windows mobile."

Author: Sasa Coh


.. "The dtmfbox is a tool which can be used to control different tasks over telephone keyboard (DTMF). Mostly, it was made to run on the AVM FRITZ!Box. "

Author: Marco Zissen


.. "QjSimple is a prototype implementation of a cross-platform SIP Client. It is based on the pjsip SIP stack and the Qt GUI toolkit. QjSimple can be seen as developer tool and supports the following features:

  • cross-plattform Windows/Linux
  • SIP over UDP/TCP/TLS
  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence (SIMPLE)"

Author: Klaus Darilion


Psip is a very simple Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) application based on PJSUA. The main benefit of this application is it small size, around 600k.

Author: tmxxine

REMWAVE Inc.'s Mac Communicator

.."SIP 2.0 Based Softphone for Mac OSX. Integrated with your address book for phone numbers and IM addresses (Jabber support to be added soone). Place high quality, cheap phone calls over your Internet connection!"

Author: REMWAVE Inc

Audio over IP Interoperability Engine

EBU N/ACIP Reference Implementation

This is the reference implementation of European Broadcasting Union (EBU)'s Audio over IP (N/ACIP) standard.

"This project aims to build a software reference implementation of the EBU standard for the transmission of high quality, low latency, audio streams over IP networks (EBU-tech 3326)".

Authors: BBC R&D, IRT

VoIP for Virtual Worlds

The project goal is to "develop Open-Source VoIP stack to allow voice communication within Virtual Worlds. Specifically as a replacement for proprietary voice chat used in SecondLife".

Author: Inc.


VoIP for iPhone and iTouch!

The title says it all! Here are some screenshots:

Author: Samuel Vinson


Open Peer-to-Peer VoIP and IM System

OpenVoIP is "an open source peer-to-peer VoIP and IM system of ~1000 nodes running on ~300 PlanetLab machines. OpenVoIP runs Peer-to-Peer Protocol (P2PP) which can be used to implement well-known DHTs or unstructured protocols. Unlike OpenDHT, where it was only possible to put/get the data, we allow non-PlanetLab nodes to become part of our overlay".

The OpenVoIP project uses STUN, TURN, and ICE features in PJNATH for its NAT traversal.

Authors: Salman Baset et all of Columbia University


SIP SIMPLE client is Python software library built on top of PJSIP that together with middleware allows for easy development of Internet communications end-points based on SIP and related protocols for voice, rich presence, instant messaging (IM) and file transfers. Other session types can be easily added by using an extensible API.

Author: AG Projects


SIP/IAX Softphone for Linux

SFLphone is a SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone for Linux. The SFLphone project's goal is to create a robust enterprise-class desktop phone. While it can serve home users very well, it is designed with a hundred-calls-a-day receptionist in mind.

Author: Savoir-faire Linux


Media components for .NET

This component allows mobile devices to stream voice from Windows Mobile based devices.

Author: Anass Kartit

YASS - Yet Another SIP Softphone

SIP softphone, also a simple and small SDK to develop VoIP applications in Python.

YASS began as a university project, and has been released to the public. Apart from being a SIP softphone, YASS pretends to be a simple and small SDK to develop VoIP applications in Python.

It's based on PJSIP's pjsua Python bindings for the core and the Qt4 libraries for the GUI part. Communication between the core and the GUI is made through callbacks, so it's completely detached.

Author: Saúl Ibarra

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