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New application to simulate network and system impairments to see how it affects the audio quality

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This ticket depends on #923 and #924


jbsim - System and network impairments simulator
Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Teluu Inc. (

This program emulates various system and network impairment
conditions as well as application parameters and apply it to
an input WAV file. The output is another WAV file as well as
a detailed log file (in CSV format) for troubleshooting.

 jbsim [OPTIONS]

General OPTIONS:
  --codec, -c NAME       Set the audio codec
                         Default: PCMU
  --input, -i FILE       Set WAV reference file to FILE
                         Default: ../../tests/pjsua/wavs/input.8.wav
  --output, -o FILE      Set WAV output file to FILE
                         Default: jbsim.wav
  --duration, -d SEC     Set test duration to SEC seconds
                         Default: 20
  --log-file, -l FILE    Save simulation log file to FILE
                         Note: FILE will be in CSV format with semicolon separator
                         Default: jbsim.out
  --help, -h             Display this screen

Simulation OPTIONS:
  --loss, -x PCT         Set packet average loss to PCT percent
                         Default: 0
  --loss-corr PCT        Set the loss correlation to PCT percent. Default: 0
  --min-lost-burst N     Set minimum packet lost burst (default:0)
  --max-lost-burst N     Set maximum packet lost burst (default:20)
  --min-jitter, -j MSEC  Set minimum network jitter to MSEC
                         Default: 0
  --max-jitter, -J MSEC  Set maximum network jitter to MSEC
                         Default: 0
  --snd-burst, -b VAL    Set RX sound burst value to VAL frames.
                         Default: 1
  --tx-ptime, -t MSEC    Set transmitter ptime to MSEC
                         Default: 0 (not set, use default)
  --rx-ptime, -r MSEC    Set receiver ptime to MSEC
                         Default: 0 (not set, use default)
  --no-vad, -U           Disable VAD/DTX in transmitter
  --no-plc, -p           Disable PLC in receiver
  --jb-prefetch, -P      Enable prefetch bufferring in jitter buffer
  --jb-min-pre, -m MSEC  Jitter buffer minimum prefetch delay in msec
  --jb-max-pre, -M MSEC  Jitter buffer maximum prefetch delay in msec
  --jb-max, -X MSEC      Set maximum delay that can be accomodated by the
                         jitter buffer msec.

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Done in r2846

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In 2854:

  • added compile time option to enable verbose stdout output
  • fix samples_per_frame mismatch in run_one_frame()

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  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed
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