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Unregistration does not respond to authentication challenge (401/407) in some cases — at Initial Version

Reported by: bennylp Owned by: bennylp
Priority: normal Milestone: release-0.5.10
Component: pjsip Version: 0.5.9
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When unregistration is performed while application has released its registration session (pjsip_regc_destroy() is called), the client registration does not respond to authentication challenge in 401/407 response.

Here's the steps to reproduce it:

 // Create Un-REGISTER request
 status = pjsip_regc_unregister(regc, &tdata);

 // Send the request.
 status = pjsip_regc_send(regc, tdata);

 // Signal client registration to destroy itself after all transactions complete
 status = pjsip_regc_destroy(regc);  

The bug occurs because when the _delete_flag is set internally because of pjsip_regc_destroy(), the processing will stop immediately rather than processing the 401/407 response.

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