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#913 Concurrency problem in select ioqueue may corrupt descriptor set bennylp defect major trunk 13 years
#931 Logging function may infinitely recursively calls itself on Windows Mobile (thanks Emil Sturniolo for the report) bennylp defect major trunk 12 years
#922 Option to enable mutex related logging to assist troubleshooting concurrency problems bennylp enhancement normal trunk 13 years
#935 New PJLIB API pj_sockaddr_parse2() to parse "HOSTPART[:PORT]" format into the correspondong hostpart and port bennylp enhancement normal trunk 12 years
#939 Throwing exception inside exception handler will cause infinite loop (thanks Roman Puls for the report) bennylp defect normal trunk 12 years
#946 Symbian kern-exec 0 in resolving IPv6 address. bennylp defect normal trunk 12 years
#921 New logging option/flag to include caller thread ID bennylp enhancement minor trunk 13 years
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