Oct 20, 2006 11:08:49 AM (18 years ago)

Changed the processing of mp3 _options in mp3 writer with regard to bit_rate and quality to comply with LAME, also changed the pjsua_recorder_create() parameter to allow specifying mp3 options in one of the parameter

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  • pjproject/trunk/pjsip/include/pjsua-lib/pjsua.h

    r783 r785  
    25312531 * Create a file recorder, and automatically connect this recorder to 
    2532  * the conference bridge. 
     2532 * the conference bridge. The recorder currently supports recording WAV file, 
     2533 * and on Windows, MP3 file. The type of the recorder to use is determined 
     2534 * by the extension of the file (e.g. ".wav" or ".mp3"). 
    25332535 * 
    25342536 * @param filename      Output file name. The function will determine the 
    25362538 *                      Currently ".wav" is supported on all platforms, and 
    25372539 *                      also ".mp3" is support on Windows. 
    2538  * @param file_format   This option is obsolete. 
    2539  * @param encoding      Optionally specify the encoding to be applied to the 
    2540  *                      file. By default (if NULL is specified), the encoding 
    2541  *                      is determined from the file extension (i.e. 16bit PCM 
    2542  *                      is used for the WAV files). 
    2543  * @param max_size      Maximum file size. Specify -1 to remove size 
    2544  *                      limitation. 
     2540 * @param enc_type      Optionally specify the type of encoder to be used to 
     2541 *                      compress the media, if the file can support different 
     2542 *                      encodings. This value must be zero for now. 
     2543 * @param enc_param     Optionally specify codec specific parameter to be  
     2544 *                      passed to the file writer. For .MP3 recorder, this 
     2545 *                      can point to pjmedia_mp3_encoder_option structure to 
     2546 *                      specify additional settings for the .mp3 recorder. 
     2547 *                      For .WAV recorder, this value must be NULL. 
     2548 * @param max_size      Maximum file size. Specify zero or -1 to remove size 
     2549 *                      limitation. This value must be zero or -1 for now. 
    25452550 * @param options       Optional options. 
    25462551 * @param p_id          Pointer to receive the recorder instance. 
    25492554 */ 
    25502555PJ_DECL(pj_status_t) pjsua_recorder_create(const pj_str_t *filename, 
    2551                                            unsigned file_format, 
    2552                                            const pj_str_t *encoding, 
     2556                                           unsigned enc_type, 
     2557                                           void *enc_param, 
    25532558                                           pj_ssize_t max_size, 
    25542559                                           unsigned options, 
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