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Troubleshooting Sound Problems -

Troubleshooting problems in the audio quality is one of the most difficult task to do with PJMEDIA, because mostly it is system specific. This page will try to provide a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to assist solving such problems.

Understanding Media Flow

Please see Understanding Media Flow for detailed explanation.

Types of Problems

There are tooo many audio quality problems than those mentioned below, but anyway lets try to enumerate them and present with some kind of troubleshooting guide:

  1. No audio is heard on local speaker during the call
  2. No Audio is Heard by Remote Party
  3. Loud Static Noise
  4. Audio Drop-outs or "Stutters"
  5. Audio Stutters when Streaming Tone to X-Lite/SJPhone
  6. High jitter value observed by remote party

All Checklists

  1. Check that the correct device is being used.
  2. Check that speaker is functioning properly by Looping-back Microphone to Speaker device.
  3. You can also check by Playing a WAV File to Speaker.
  4. Check that Incoming RTP Packets are Indeed Received by Local Host
  5. Check that the Call is Connected to the Sound Device in the Conference Bridge.
  6. Check that CPU Utilization is not Too High
  7. Check that pjsua is transmitting RTP packet to the correct address
  8. Check that codec is negotiated properly by both parties.
  9. Checking the Echo Cancellation Effectiveness?