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Audio Problem: Audio is Breaking Up


  • the audio from remote party is breaking up, or when playing file locally audio is breaking up


  1. It's always recommended to check whether the problem exists with the latest SVN version of the libraries.
  2. Check that no other application is using the devices. It is common to not be able to use sound device when the device is being used by other applications.
  3. Check that CPU utilization is not too high
  4. Check that there is no dangling call in the PBX. A dangling call is call that is left active in the PBX because previous (pjsua) application has crashed.
  5. Check for high network jitter, packet loss, etc.
  6. Check if audio is breaking up when playing file locally.
  7. Check if the breakup is coming from the sound device
  8. Check if audio is breaking up by looping back microphone signal to the speaker