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Checking if Speaker is Functioning Properly by Playing a WAV File

An easy way to check if speaker is functioning properly is by using pjsua to play a WAV file to the speaker, with these easy steps:

  1. Find any WAV file with the following specification:
    • any clock rate
    • mono
    • 16bit, PCM sample
  2. Run pjsua with the file:
      $ ./pjsua --play-file THEFILE.WAV
  3. Check that the file is registered to the bridge:
    >>> cl
    Conference ports:
    Port #00[16KHz/10ms] Primary Sound Capture Driver  transmitting to:
    Port #01[16KHz/10ms]              d16.wav  transmitting to:
  4. Play the file to the speaker:
    >>> cc 1 0
  5. Done. You should hear the file played to the speaker.

If you couldn't hear the file played to the speaker, then there's probably something wrong with your speaker.