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Check that CPU Utilization =

Some audio problems are caused by high CPU utilization, so check that CPU utilization is not too high during the call.

Remedy to lower CPU utilization:

  1. Disable echo canceller (with pjsua, EC is by default enabled. You can disable it with '''--ec-tail 0''' command line argument.
  2. If you're using complex codecs such as Speex or iLBC, try to use PCMU or PCMA (pjsua by default uses Speex/16KHz. Use '''--add-codec pcmu''' to use PCMU).
  3. Use the release build instead of debug build (remove '''-g''' option from CFLAGS if you're using gcc).
  4. Lower the sampling rate (by default pjsua uses 16KHz or 44.1KHz - 48KHz in Mac OS).
  5. Close other applications that consume CPU.
  6. As the last resort, upgrade your hardware!