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More Documentations

General Information

  • PJSIP FAQ. Please read this first for any questions.





  • Python SIP Tutorial. A thorough tutorial on how to use Python to develop your PJSIP application. This article is also useful as introduction to PJSIP features.

Windows 95/98:

Features Configuration and Integration

Media related:

  • SRTP Support in PJSIP. This article explains how to setup and configure Secure RTP (SRTP) support as well as a technical implementation notes. Could be useful for anyone looking to implement other media transport types as well.


SIP related:



Media related:

  • Sound Problems. This is a good place to start for troubleshooting everything related to audio/media problems.

ICE related:

  • ICE Negotiation Failure. A short article explaining how to read the log file to find out information related to ICE negotiation results, and potential reasons of the failure.


Technical Articles

Media related:

  • PJMEDIA Performance Measurement. This article is a must read for anyone looking to use PJMEDIA in performance constrained platforms (such as embedded or mobile devices), as it lists the performance requirements for each and all features in PJMEDIA. One can then tailor the features to meet both the functional and technical requirements of the development.
  • Media Flow Explained. This short article explains how the media flows between various PJMEDIA components.