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Testing APS Direct implementation on Symbian S60 smartphones


  1. Find APS-direct bugs.
  2. Identify problematic devices or firmwares.


  1. S60 3rd edition device(s), MR, FP1, or FP2.
  2. Appropriate version of APS server (apsserver2.sisx), installed on the device.
  3. Test application, symbian_ua, can be downloaded here:
  4. Test partner, it can be any endpoints that support all/some of test codecs: APS codecs (i.e: AMR, G.711, G.729(B), iLBC, PCMA/U) and non-APS codecs (i.e: GSM, Speex). However for easiness (logs file, instructions) it is recommended to use PJSUA app for desktop built with IPP codecs (support all test codecs).
  5. LAN environment, to avoid the possibility of NAT problems.

Testing Steps

  1. Register your IMEI to get the test application installer signed with our developer certificate on our Symbian SIP test registration page.
  2. Wait until you are told to download the application. This ensures that the application has been signed with your IMEI.
  3. Install and run the test application.
  4. Run test partner application with test codecs enabled.
    • Please only enable the test codecs since enabling all codecs may cause the SIP message size larger than MTU. Enabling/disabling codecs in PJSUA can be done via 'Cp' command, setting codec's priority to 0 will disable the codec.
    • Please generate logs for reporting, in PJSUA it can be done by specifying --log-file and use log level 5.
    • Tip if you use Eyebeam: iLBC is not enabled by default.
  5. Enable one codec from the test application:
    • Choose menu 'd' Enable/disable codecs, codecs selection menu will be shown.
    • Choose one codec to test, e.g: start from the top, AMR.
  6. Make normal call from test partner to test application, using sip: format. If you need to know your device's IP address, install ifInfo. Things to check here:
    • Two ways audio.
    • Quality.
  7. Test audio routing in the test application, i.e: by choosing menu 't' Switch audio route, it's a toggle. Thing to check here:
    • if audio route is switched from earpiece to loudspeaker.
    • vice-versa, after pressing 't' again.
  8. Hang up with 'g', and repeat the steps from point 4 to test with other codecs (without restarting test application).

Submitting Test Results

Please submit the results on the test submission form

  1. When everythings are just fine, just report OK.
  2. When something goes wrong, please specify in details the problem and steps to reproduce, whenever you think that test partner's log file may help, please send it along to Symbian Testing list