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Configuring PJSIP with TLS

Build PJSIP with TLS Support

Add this in config_site.h:


And rebuild PJSIP.

Running pjsua as TLS Server

  1. Run pjsua:
    $ ./pjsua --use-tls --tls-ca-file root.pem --tls-cert-file server-cert.pem --tls-privkey-file privkey.pem

Running pjsua as TLS Client

To make call to SERVER using TLS:

$ ./pjsua --use-tls sip:SERVER;transport=tls

Configuring Other User Agents


Install CACert certificate of authority:

  1. Run Internet Explorer browser
  2. Open
  3. Click the link in the page that says to install certificate with IE

Restart EyeBeam


  1. EyeBeam verifies the server name against commonName field of the certificate, so make sure commonName matches the hostname being contacted by EyeBeam