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     54==== Account Contact URI update ==== 
     56 '''Task:''' :: 
     57 The account URI needs to be updated with the new address, and re-registration is necessary to inform the registrar about the new URI. 
     59 '''Solution:''' :: 
     60 PJSUA-LIB has the capability to detect the (SIP) IP address change based on the response of REGISTER request and automatically update the registration with the correct IP if it detects that the IP/port seen by the server is different than the address specified in the Contact URI. This feature is enabled by default, via the {{{pjsua_acc_config.allow_contact_rewrite}}} setting. 
     62 So the solution is simply to trigger the re-registration by calling {{{pjsua_acc_set_registration()}}} function (after the new connection is up of course). The PJSUA-LIB will send re-REGISTER request, check the IP address/port in the response, and re-REGISTER again and update the account URI as necessary. 
     65==== Media addresses update ==== 
     67 '''Task:''' :: 
     68 The media (RTP/RTCP) addresses in PJSUA-LIB are normally determined during PJSUA-LIB startup, hence they need to be updated with the new address. 
     70 '''Solution:''' :: 
     71 If ICE media transport is used, and STUN is enabled on the media transport, then the media transport will automatically update its publicly mapped IP address from the STUN Binding response. The transport should send STUN Binding request periodically (approximately every 15 seconds) as NAT keep-alive mechanism, so the address change will be detected by the transport automatically during this operation. 
     73 Note that at present there is no API to explicitly request the ICE media transport to initiate STUN Binding request immediately. 
     76==== Call in progress issue ==== 
    5580== Scenarios ==