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Getting Started

The Python language binding for PJSUA-API is available in PJSIP release 0.5.10 or later.

What is it?

py_pjsua is a Python module implemented in C language to provide PJSUA-API for Python applications. Using py_pjsua enables Python application to exploit the features of PJSIP, for example:

  • multiple SIP accounts
  • SIP for presence (SIMPLE) and instant messaging
  • multiple/unlimited calls
  • call hold and transfer (attended or unattended)
  • DTMF support
  • conferencing with multiple/unlimited sources
  • wideband and ultra-wideband audio support
  • WAV files playback, playlist, and recording
  • adaptive jitter buffer, silence detection, packet lost concealment, etc.
  • tone generation
  • multiple sound devices (planned)
  • ICE support (planned)
  • and so on.

Building py_pjsua Module

Using Microsoft Visual Studio projects:

  • Open pjsip-apps.dsw from pjsip-apps\build directory.
  • Select py_pjsua project.
  • Build the project
  • The Python module will be placed in pjsip-apps\lib directory.

Using Python build script:

  • Go to pjsip-apps/src/py_pjsua directory.
  • Run 'python ./ build'
  • The Python module will be placed in build directory inside current directory.
  • Alternatively run 'python ./ install' to install the py_pjsua module to Python's site_packages directory.