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SIP Instant Messaging

Sending IM

There are two ways to send IM, using send_pager() method of Buddy object, or send_pager() method of Call object. The former is probably preferable since it allows you to send pager without having to establish a call, but just to say that sending IM within call is possible.

Typing Indication

In addition to sending instant messages, you can also send typing indication to remote buddy using send_typing_ind().

Pager Status

The transmission status of outgoing instant messages is reported in on_pager_status() method of BuddyCallback class, or on_pager_status() of CallCallback class, depending on how the instant message was sent.

Receiving IM

There are three ways to receive incoming instant messages (yes unfortunately it's not that straightforward), depending on how and who sends the instant message:

Incoming typing indications will be received in similar way, in on_typing() callback.