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     1= SIP Accounts = 
     5Accounts provide identity (or identities) of the user who is currently using the application. In SIP terms, the identity is used as the From header in outgoing requests. 
     7Account may or may not have client registration associated with it. An account is also associated with route set and some authentication credentials, which are used when sending SIP request messages using the account. An account also has presence online status, which will be reported to remote peer when they subscribe to the account's presence, or which is published to a presence server if presence publication is enabled for the account. 
     9At least one account MUST be created in the application, since any outgoing requests require an account context. If no user association is required, application can create a user-less account by calling {{{lib.create_account_for_transport()}}}. A userless account identifies local endpoint instead of a particular user, and it corresponds to a particular transport instance. 
     11Also one account must be set as the default account, which will be used as the account identity when pjsua fails to match the request with any accounts using the stricter matching rules.