wiki:Migration From 0.5 Version To 0.6 Version

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Migration From 0.5 Version To 0.6 Version

New pjnath Library

There is a new pjnath library for NAT traversal helper, containing ICE and new STUN implementation. This library is platform independent, and it depends only on pjlib and pjlib-util.

If the application is based on pjsua-lib, then you will have to add pjnath library to your link process.

Win32 IP Helper

PJLIB now has ip_helper.h file to enumerate local interface and local routing (needed by ICE).

On Windows and WinCE, this requires application to link with Iphlpapi.lib.

If you're using Visual Studio 6, you need to download Platform SDK from MSDN and add relevant include and library directory to VS6 options, since Iphlpapi.[h|lib] is not available with Visual Studio 6.