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Google Summer of Code 2007

This is the ideas page for pjsip application to Google Summer of Code 2007. Since we did not get accepted, this page will serve as a reference for future development.


  • Python softphone
  • Video support (PC/desktop, mobile/PDA, or both)
  • VoIP quality gauge
    • The need: From time to time, the conversation quality degrades and the reasons are most often unknown.
    • The solution: Gauge that measure the VoIP quality and supply the information needed to know why the conversation is so poor. (or excellent :-).
    • The gauge will measure:
      • Packet loss
      • Jitter
      • Echo
      • Route information
      • Situation at the other end
    • The gauge will be based on pjsip project “dq” command and will be skinned using Python GUI.
    • The GUI will display several analog gauges with Red/Yellow/Green? areas to display poor/acceptable/good conditions.
  • Symbian SIP client (GUI)
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone SIP client (GUI)
  • Support for RPID (Rich Presence information data format)
  • MSRP support (Message session relay protocol)
  • SIP file transfer
  • Bindings for other languages (Ruby, C#, PHP, Perl, and so on)