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    175175For more details, please refer to Apple's doc on [ Remote Control of Multimedia]. 
     177=== Audio lost after interruption (iOS 7) === #interruption2 
     179It has been reported that any time an audio interruption happens, audio is lost until the application is killed/restarted, also reported that this occurs only on iOS7. 
     181Here is the reported working solution: 
     182 - application should be configured to receive interruption events, see also [#interuption problem with interruption]. 
     183 - forcefully shutdown the sound device when interruption begins, e.g: using {{{pjsua_set_no_snd_dev())}}} for pjsua, or {{{AudDevManager.setNoDev()}}} for pjsua2 
     184 - restart the sound device after interruption ends, e.g: using {{{pjsua_set_snd_dev()}}} for pjsua, or {{{AudDevManager.setPlaybackDev()+setCaptureDev()}}} for pjsua2. 
     186Also note this is the recommended outline of the normal flow for audio interruption: 
     187 - on interruption begin 
     188   1. hold the calls 
     189   1. stop any other media if any (i.e. disconnect all connections in the bridge) 
     190   1. by default, sound device will be stopped after some idle period after there is no connection in the bridge, or alternatively just forcefully shutdown the sound device. 
     192 - on interruption end 
     193   1. unhold the calls 
     194   1. resume any other media if any 
     195   1. if sound device was not shutdown forcefully, first connection to the bridge will cause sound device to be started, otherwise manual restarting the sound device, by setting playback & capture device, is required. 
    177198=== Sound not working in the simulator ===