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    4848   a. If you don't need Windows 7 features, the recommended SDK is [ Windows SDK Update for Windows Vista]. This is because it doesn't have [wiki:FAQ#vs2008 IP Helper API header bug]. 
    4949   a. If you need Windows 7 features then use [ Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4] and follow the instructions on [wiki:FAQ#vs2008 fixing IP Helper API header bug]. Also if you are using Visual Studio 2005 then you will need to patch it using [ MS Knowledge Base 949009] 
    50  1. [ SDL] '''version 2.0''' or '''version 1.3'''  
    51     - Note that this is the newer and not yet released SDL library, hence most likely it won't be installed by default on your system. You can download the SDL 2.0 source snapshot or from the Mercurial repository from 
    52     - SDL 1.3 is sometimes under {{{SDL}}} sub-directory of SDL 2.0. 
     50 1. [ SDL] '''version 2.0''' 
    5351    - SDL sources comes with VS project settings, under {{{VisualC}}} sub-directory 
    54  1. [ ffmpeg] development library. We tested with ffmpeg version ranging from 0.5.1 (from circa 2009) to 0.10.  
     52 1. [ ffmpeg] development library. We tested with ffmpeg version 1.x (1.2.5) to 0.x (from 0.5.1 (from circa 2009) to 0.10). At the moment, we haven't supported ffmpeg version 2.x. 
    5553    - Note that for H.264 support, you need newer releases (October 2011 onwards), and it needs libz too. 
    5654    - You may be able to use the binary distributions (such as from [ Zeranoe] - get the 'dev' builds). It compiles fine, however we haven't tested them thoroughly.