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Getting Started: Building for Windows Mobile

  1. Requirements
  2. Building the Projects

PJ supports building SIP and media stacks and applications for Windows Mobile targets. A very simple WinCE SIP user agent (with media) application is provided just as proof of concept that the port works.


The following development tools is needed to build SIP and media components for Windows Mobile:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with appropriate SDKs for Windows Mobile.

Note that VS2005 Express Edition is not supported because the Windows Mobile SDKs is not supported there.

Building the Projects

The Windows Mobile port is included in the main source distribution. Please follow the following steps to build the WinCE libraries and sample application:

  1. Open pjproject-vs8.sln solution file.
  2. For Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone?, select pjsua_wince project as the Active Project.
  3. For Windows Mobile Professional/Pocket? PC, both pjsua_wince and PocketPJ can be chosen.
  4. Select the appropriate SDK (for example Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK or Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK)
  5. Select the appropriate configuration (Debug, Release, or other available configuration)
  6. Select the appropriate device (Emulator or the actual Device).
  7. Build the project. This will build the sample WinCE application and all libraries (SIP, Media, etc.) needed by this application.


  • If the config_site.h includes config_site_sample.h file, then there are certain configuration in config_site_sample.h that get activated for Windows CE targets. Please make sure that these configurations are suitable for the application.
  • The libraries, binaries and object files produced by the build process are located under build/output directory of each projects.