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    227228 8. Include {{{pjsip-device-debug.pri}}} in the relevant section of your {{{.pro}}} file. 
    228229 9. Repeat from step 2 for each target 
     232== Using PjsuaBB in Device-Release Target == 
     234In this section we will build PJSIP and PjsuaBB in '''Device-Release''' mode and ''sideloading'' it to the device. Sideload is a term for installing an app directly to the device without publishing it through ''Blackberry !AppWorld''. 
     236=== Building Device-Release Target === 
     238For PJSIP, follow [#multicfg Multiple Settings] section above on how to build PJSIP in Device-Release build target. Or otherwise the easiest way is to re-run {{{./configure-bb10}}} with the appropriate CFLAGS and rebuild PJSIP. 
     240Then in Momentics IDE, select ''Device-Release'' as the active build configuration for PjsuaBB, and build the application. 
     242=== Creating .bar Package === 
     244Follow the [ Sign and publish your app tutorial] from Blackberry Native SDK site to create the '''.bar''' package. You don't need to publish your app now (unless you want to of course). 
     246=== Installing (a.k.a Sideloading) to Device === 
     248As far as I know there are three ways to sideload an app to the device: 
     250 1. [ Using DDPB] to sideload apps to Blackberry PlayBook. I think this tool has been deprecated in favor of vnBB10 below. 
     251 1. [ Using vnBB10] to sideload apps to BB10 and PlayBook. The tool works on both Mac and Windows (no Linux!) 
     252 1. [ Using a Chrome extension] to sideload apps to BB10 and PlayBook. This works on Linux as well as Mac and Windows. I only tested this. 
     254For general tutorial on sideloading apps to your BB10 device please see [ this tutorial] (on Windows). 
     256=== Troubleshooting Problems === 
     258I am by no means expert on sideloading, so please contact the relevant forum for help. But I may have one or more tips for troubleshooting problems: 
     260 1. Make sure your debug token is valid. In my experience, the Chrome extension was unable to connect to my device due to expired debug token. Remember that debug token expires every 30 days. It works fine after the debug token is renewed. The easiest way to renew debug token is from Momentics IDE: 
     261    - go to ''Preferences'' --> ''Blackberry'' --> ''Signing'' 
     262    - select the expired debug token, click ''Renew'', then ''Upload'' to upload to the device.