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    1313The latest PJSIP is always the SVN trunk version. Please find the information on how to retrieve PJSIP from SVN in the [ PJSIP Download] and [wiki:Getting-Started Getting Started] page. 
     15=== Where and how can I find documentation about PJSIP? === #doc 
     17These are the places to look for documentations: 
     19 '''This FAQ''' :: 
     20 Many questions are discussed in this FAQ, your questions may have been answered here. 
     22 '''The website ([])''' :: 
     23 This is the place for the API reference documentation, which is kept up to date with the latest release. It also contains technical articles such as footprint and performance experimentation, although these are somewhat older documentation. These days we normally put experimentation results in the Trac Wiki page (below). 
     25 '''The Trac Wiki page ([.])''' :: 
     26 This contains tutorials, how-tos, troubleshooting guides, and technical articles, and it is more up to date than the pjsip website. 
     28 '''The mailing list archive ([])''' :: 
     29 The current list archive has been running for two years (unfortunately we lost the older archive), and there have been thousands of discussions. 
     31There are two ways to search for documentation: 
     33 - for website and mailing list, use Google site search (mind you the website and list archive have different domain name, "www" vs "lists"). 
     34 - for Trac, search using the Trac search facility (on the top right corner of this page). Our Trac site is not search engine indexable so it won't be picked up by search engines if you search it directly with Google. 
    1538=== If PJSIP is said to be small footprint, then why the source is so big? === #src-large