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    13821385Note that too many console logging messages will also disrupt the audio. 
    1384 === I get problem using APS === #symapsprob 
    1386  - '''Application crashes''' or '''device reboots''' when a call started (or accessing sound device) on S60 3rd ed FP1 devices. This symptom may be related to [ G.711 frame size variation issue] while our APS implementation is currently hardcoded to use 20ms G.711 frame size. We are working on this (enable auto-detection of G.711 frame size), meanwhile the temporary solution would be: 
    1387    1. change audio frame time from 20ms to 10ms, i.e: {{{med_cfg.audio_frame_ptime = 10;}}} 
    1388    1. in the {{{CPjAudioEngine::RecCb()}}} & {{{CPjAudioEngine::PlayCb()}}} of ''symbian_sound_aps.cpp'', change samples buffer size and its operations from 160 to 80. 
    1389  '''Update:''' 
    1390  The frame length variation issue is supposed to be fixed by ticket #680. 
    1392  - There is '''no audio''', but there seems to be no audio error/problem shown in the log/console. We encounter this when the version of {{{APSServer2.sisx}}} installed on the device is different to the version of APS SDK used for building the application. 
    1394  - There is audio, but somehow it '''sounds unclear''' or there is '''breaking/random noise'''. It may be related to the first issue above, application with 10ms G.711 frame size is running on device with 20ms G.711 frame size. 
     1387=== I get device reboots, no audio, or distorted audio with APS === #symapsprob 
     1390 - device reboots itself when the application is trying to use the sound device (such as before call), 
     1391 - loss of audio, even though the log says that audio devices have been opened successfully, or 
     1392 - distorted audio 
     1394All of these problems may be caused by these: 
     1395 - Wrong APSServer version installed on your phone. 
     1396    - in one of our experiments, we built the application with APSServer 2.40(3) SDK while the version installed on FP1 phone is 2.31(0), and this caused the no audio problem. 
     1397 - This is related to [ G.711 frame size variation issue] while our APS implementation '''was''' hardcoded to use 20ms G.711 frame size: 
     1398     - we suspect that running the application on devices which has 10ms frame size may crash the phone, or 
     1399     - if you're building the application with 10ms frame size and run it on device which has 20ms frame size, you will get distorted audio. 
     1402 - the frame size issue has been fixed by ticket #680/#690 which will be available on PJSIP release [milestone:release-1.1 1.1] and [milestone:release-1.0.2 1.0.2]. 
     1403 - please use the latest APS version (currently 2.40(3)), and make sure the APSServer version installed on your device matches the APS SDK/plug-in when building the application.