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    13191319The Nokia N70 phone is a S60 2nd Edition device thus it will not work with the tutorial since the tutorial uses S60 3rd Edition. If you wish to work on S60 2nd Edition device, you will need to download the appropriate SDK first. But please note that we have not tested PJSIP with S60 2nd Edition, so few things may not work. For example, you may not get full duplex audio, and also some instructions on the tutorial may not apply anymore. Your mileage may vary. 
     1321=== How to play audio to the earpiece rather than to the loudspeaker? === #sym-audio-routing 
     1323With Multimedia Streaming API that we use as the implementation of sound device on Symbian, audio will be played to the loudspeaker by default, and this API does not provide the capability to switch the audio to earpiece (or in Nokia term, private audio device). So the short answer to the question is, no, we can't. 
     1325But there could be some workarounds: 
     1326 - if you plug-in headset or accessory device to your phone, the audio will be routed to the headset automatically. 
     1327 - some say that if you reduce the audio level played to the speaker, the phone will automatically switch the audio routing to earpiece. I haven't verified this myself though. 
     1329We are planning to add support for Audio Proxy Server (APS) API in 0.9.5 release, and with this API it will be possible to control the audio routing on the phone. And in the future we'll probably add support for VoIP Audio Service (VAS) API, although currently we have no immediate plan to do this since this API is only supported on Nokia S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices.