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    543543For DTMF INFO, [ pjsua] application supports sending INFO request with ''application/dtmf-relay'' payload, please see [ pjsua manual] for details. Also ''pjsua'' is able to handle incoming INFO request. Please see the source code of pjsua application for more information. 
     545=== What is the difference between proxy and outbound proxy setting? === #proxy-outbound 
     547The {{{--proxy}}} option in [ pjsua] application corresponds to {{{pjsua_acc_config.proxy}}} setting in PJSUA-LIB. This specifies the route set that is specific for the particular SIP account. 
     549The {{{--outbound}}} option corresponds to {{{pjsua_config.outbound_proxy}}} setting in PJSUA-LIB. This specifies a global route set that is applicable for the whole endpoint (rather than a particular account), and will be used for all accounts in the application.  
     551When {{{--service-route}}} option (this option corresponds to {{{pjsua_acc_config.enable_service_route}}} setting in PJSUA-LIB) is enabled for the account (default is disabled), the {{{--proxy}}} settings will be updated with the content of {{{Service-Route}}} header in successful REGISTER response. In other words, if {{{Service-Route}}} header is not present in 2xx REGISTER response, the {{{--proxy}}} settings for the account will be cleared. 
     553Unlike {{{--proxy}}} option, the route settings in {{{--outbound}}} option are not be affected by {{{Service-Route}}} processing. 
     555Both {{{--proxy}}} and {{{--outbound}}} options can be specified multiple times in ''pjsua'' command line to specify more than one servers. 
     557When both settings are present, the initial total route set for a particular account is built by appending the servers in {{{--proxy}}} option '''to''' the servers in {{{--outbound}}} option.  
     559For example: 
     561Account A has the following {{{--proxy}}} setting: 
     563 --proxy sip:PA1;lr 
     564 --proxy sip:PA2;lr 
     567Account B has the following {{{--proxy}}} setting: 
     569 --proxy sip:PB;lr 
     572And the {{{--outbound}}} setting is the following: 
     574 --outbound sip:PO;lr 
     577With the above settings, the initial route set for account A will be computed as: 
     579 Route: <sip:PO;lr>, <sip:PA1;lr>, <sip:PA2;lr> 
     582While the initial route set for account B will be computed as: 
     584 Route: <sip:PO;lr>, <sip:PB;lr> 
     587If {{{--service-route}}} option is enabled for both accounts, and suppose the 2xx REGISTER responses for both accounts do not have {{{Service-Route}}} header, then the route sets for both accounts will be updated to contain only the outbound proxy: 
     589 Route: <sip:PO;lr>