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    256256 1. integrate your impplementation into the build system, by following [wiki:External_Sound_Device this guideline]. 
     258=== How can I disable multi-threading throughout the libraries? === #no-thread 
     260Below are some information about where threads are used in the libraries in most platforms except Symbian^1)^: 
     261 - the worker thread(s) for signaling (i.e. SIP and pjnath including STUN, TURN, ICE, etc.) created by PJSUA-LIB according to {{{pjsua_config.thread_cnt}}} setting (default is 1). 
     262 - the worker thread(s) for polling incoming RTP/RTCP packets, created by {{{pjsua_media_config.thread_cnt}}} setting (default is 1) 
     263 - sound device's worker thread(s) which drives the audio flow. Each sound device implementation has its own threading strategy, and usually it will create at least one thread. 
     264 - worker thread(s) to drive video flows (such as from capture device to encoder, and from decoder to renderer). 
     266Below are the strategies to disable multithreading: 
     267 1. Use the following settings to disable PJSUA-LIB worker threads: 
     268 {{{ 
     269  pjsua_config cfg; 
     270  pjsua_media_config med_cfg; 
     272  pjsua_config_default(&cfg); 
     273  cfg.thread_cnt = 0; 
     275  pjsua_media_config_default(&med_cfg); 
     276  med_cfg.thread_cnt = 0; 
     277  med_cfg.has_ioqueue = PJ_FALSE; 
     279  .. 
     280  pjsua_init(&cfg, .. &med_cfg); 
     281 }}} 
     282 Once PJSUA-LIB worker threads have been disabled as above, remember that you'd have to poll for events timely and periodically by calling {{{pjsua_handle_events()}}}.  
     283 2. Currently the only way to disable threading in the sound device is by using sound device implementation that doesn't use threading. 
     284 3. And currently threading is needed for video, thus you need to disable video if you want to disable multithreading. Set {{{PJMEDIA_HAS_VIDEO}}} to 0 in {{{config_site.h}}}. 
     285 4. Lastly, we can now disable threading altogether at compile time, by setting {{{PJ_HAS_THREADS}}} to 0  in {{{config_site.h}}}. 
     288 ^1)^ multithreading is not used by pjsip in Symbian