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[doxygen:pjlib/main.htm PJLIB Online Manual] PJLIB is the base/foundation library for all other libraries and it provides complete OS abstraction layer and some useful data structures.
PJLIB-UTIL Online ManualPJLIB-UTIL provides supplementary features such as text scanner, STUN, XML, DNS resolver, etc. that are needed by higher layer libraries.
PJNATH Online ManualPJNATH is a NAT traversal helper library, providing an Open Source implementation of STUN and ICE.
PJMEDIA Online ManualPJMEDIA is the media stack/framework providing rich components for creating multimedia sessions.
[doxygen:pjsip/index.htm PJSIP Online Manual]This is the documentation for PJSIP SIP stack.
PJSUA-API ManualPJSUA-API is a highest layer API provided by the libraries, and it integrates PJSIP and PJMEDIA into an easy to use (but still poweful!) API.
PJSUA Python Module ManualPython module implementing PJSUA-API in object-oriented manner.
PJSUA ManualThis is PJSUA manual.

Legacy PJSIP Documentation