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    55Previously PJSIP did not support Carbide C++ as the development tools for Symbian target, since Carbide did not import PJSIP's MMP files properly. But with the release of Carbide C++ version 1.2, it seems that Carbide is now able to build PJSIP projects properly. And since it seems that Nokia strongly suggests to use Carbide for the development tools instead of !CodeWarrior, it may worth to write some small documentation to help you get started with developing PJSIP applications on Symbian using this tool. 
     7== Requirements == 
     9For this tutorial, we will need: 
     10 - [ Symbian S60 3rd Edition Maintenance Release (MR)]. Other SDK versions may work, but I did not test it. 
     11 - [ Carbide C++ version 1.2]. You will need the Developer Edition to do on-device debugging (21 days evaluation is available). 
     12 - [ Nokia PC Suite] for the connectivity between the device and your PC (I use version 6.85) 
     13 - Latest PJSIP from SVN trunk 
     14 - Nokia S60 3rd Edition device (I use Nokia E70, but any S60 3rd Edition device should do, I think) 
     15 - Nokia data cable for on-device debugging (you can also use Bluetooth connection, but this tutorial will not cover it) 
     17== Installations == 
     19=== SDK and Carbide Installations === 
     21Follow the installation instructions in the SDK and Carbide documentation. Please install Symbian SDK on the same drive as PJSIP. 
     23=== Nokia PC Suite === 
     25Install PC Suite, connect your device with the USB cable, and make sure your PC can access your device. Leave PC Suite running with the device connected throughout the session. 
     27=== PJSIP === 
     29Checkout PJSIP from the usual location (see [ PJSIP Download page] for details). Fill in your {{{config_site.h}}} with: 
     31#include <pj/config_site_sample.h> 
     35== Setting up PJSIP Carbide Project == 
     37=== Run Carbide === 
     39Run Carbide C++. When it asked the workspace location, just accept the default value and press OK button: