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Building DLL using Visual Studio 2015

As specified here, the library support generation of dynamic link libraries (dll).

This guide is the updated version, which will describe the needed step to build using Visual Studio 2015.

  1. config_site.h modification
    #define PJ_DLL  1
    #ifdef _LIB
    #    define PJ_EXPORTING 1
  1. Source code modification

Apply the patch attached. Note that the patch is against 2.7.1, and is considered to be committed and included in 2.8.

  1. Projects file modification
    - Change project default (Configuration Properties > General > Configuration Type) to Dynamic Library (.dll). 
    - Add the library input (Configuration Properties > Linker > Input) needed by the library. e.g: pjlib needs ws2_32.lib
    - Add the library References, e.g: pjlib-util needs a reference from pjlib

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