18:00 Milestone release-0.5.9 completed
Version 0.5.9 release contains the following fixes/improvements. = New …
04:49 Changeset [832] by bennylp
Added 'cc x y' and 'cd x y' command in pjsua as shortcut commands for the …


08:50 Changeset [831] by bennylp
Print media statistic when call is disconnected in pjsua, to assist …
02:52 Ticket #27 (PortAudio device open log shows incorrect channel count) closed by anonymous
02:48 Changeset [830] by bennylp
Minor fix in UDP media: transport should silently ignore detach command …
02:46 Changeset [829] by bennylp
Fixed bug in siprtp: media transport was incorrectly NULL-ed after end of …
02:27 Changeset [828] by bennylp
Fixed incorrect channel count number in the log message written when …
02:23 Ticket #27 (PortAudio device open log shows incorrect channel count) created by bennylp


10:48 Ticket #26 (Integrate table based G.711 encoding/decoding) created by bennylp
Integrate tables based G.711 encoding/decoding
10:33 Changeset [827] by bennylp
Fixed speex logging to use PJLIB's log, because a GUI application doesn't …
06:51 Ticket #25 (Authentication loops forever when server keeps rejecting request with ...) created by bennylp
When a server keeps rejecting authorization with stale=true, PJSIP will …
06:34 Ticket #24 (Complete Symbian Port) created by bennylp
Complete the Symbian port, up to PJSUA-LIB.
06:29 Ticket #23 (GCC with optimization causes different parsing result) created by bennylp
[Tested on mingw] GCC 3.4.2 with optimization -O2 or higher produces …
06:28 Ticket #22 (2xx without SDP is accepted!!) created by bennylp
I think I saw a test where 2xx without SDP is accepted by the INVITE …
06:27 Ticket #21 (Add PJ_HAS_NO_SNPRINTF to other os_*.h) created by bennylp
The Symbian port adds PJ_HAS_NO_SNPRINTF capability to PJLIB. All other …
06:26 Ticket #20 (Fix /dev/epoll backend for the ioqueue) created by bennylp
The /dev/epoll backend for the ioqueue has not been used for long time …
06:23 Ticket #19 (Enhancement for PDA applications) created by bennylp
Some more features would be great for the PDA application (such as …
06:21 Ticket #18 (Structured testing for PJSIP-UA) created by bennylp
We have structured testing up to transaction layer in PJSIP-TEST, but none …
06:19 Ticket #17 (Fix inconsistent convention on when to destroy tx_data) created by bennylp
The convention now is inconsistent about when tx_data reference counter …
06:16 Ticket #16 (pj_hex_digits in ctype.c should be made const) created by bennylp
As the title says.
06:13 Ticket #15 (Via branch parameter should be compared case-insensitively) created by bennylp
Via branch parameter should be compared case-insensitively. Not sure if …
06:11 Ticket #14 (Don't change RTP/RTCP SSRC on re-INVITE) created by bennylp
Currently re-INVITE will cause a completely new media session to be …
06:09 Ticket #13 (Send RTCP RR if stream is not transmitting RTP packets) created by bennylp
The RTCP framework should send RTCP RR when it's not transmitting …
06:05 Ticket #12 (Python binding for PJSUA-LIB) created by bennylp
As the title says..
06:04 Ticket #11 (Multihomed operations) created by bennylp
When the application is on multihomed host, the library need to help …
06:01 Ticket #10 (Handle redirection (3xx) in PJSUA) created by bennylp
Handle redirect (3xx) response, according to SIP_Redirection page.
05:59 Ticket #9 (Implement audio preprocessor in PJMEDIA) created by bennylp
Implement audio preprocessor in PJMEIDA for AGC, noise reduction, etc. …
05:58 Ticket #8 (Fix escaping rules in To/From tag and Via parameter) created by bennylp
Latest situation is, some UA sends % characters as part of header fields …
05:55 Ticket #7 (Move PJSIP compile time configurations/settings (such as T1, T2 timers) to ...) created by bennylp
Some PJSIP config (e.g. PJSIP_MAX_TSX_COUNT) may better be implemented as …
05:53 Ticket #6 (NAT refresh packet) created by bennylp
When the application is behind firewall, maybe the stack needs to …
05:51 Ticket #5 (Support for SIP UPDATE (RFC 3311) and fix the offer/answer negotiation) created by bennylp
SIP UPDATE is specified in RFC 3311 for updating session parameters …
05:47 Ticket #4 (Bug in message framing detection) created by bennylp
For TCP, if the remainder of a message contains garbage, it will cause the …
05:45 Ticket #3 (TLS support) created by bennylp
Implement TLS support for PJSIP
05:44 Ticket #2 (Symbian sound device implementation) created by bennylp
Implement sound device implementation for Symbian/S60 3rd edition …
03:31 Changeset [826] by bennylp
Updated footprint script to include new stuffs such as echo canceller and …
03:02 Changeset [825] by bennylp
Fixed footprint calculation script


15:50 Changeset [824] by bennylp
Updated Python project with base PJSUA API
07:08 Ticket #1 (Fix echo cancellation) closed by bennylp
07:07 Ticket #1 (Fix echo cancellation) created by bennylp
04:19 Changeset [823] by bennylp
Updated Speex to their latest SVN (1.2-beta). AEC seems to work much …
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01:32 Changeset [822] by bennylp
Worked on the AEC. Apply constant delay bufferring for the AEC, and also …
01:31 Changeset [821] by bennylp
Fixed crash in IoCompletionPort? during unregistration. Also remove …


08:47 Changeset [820] by bennylp
Fixed pj_list_merge_last and pj_list_merge_first


16:55 Changeset [819] by bennylp
Increase splitcomb buffer count to 32
12:41 Changeset [818] by bennylp
Fixed mutex leak in SIP endpoint: timer heap was not destroyed
07:40 Changeset [817] by bennylp
Fixed thread_test in pjlib-test: the stack buffer for pj_thread_desc may …
07:00 Changeset [816] by bennylp
Added pj_shutdown() on os_core_unix.c
06:39 Changeset [815] by bennylp
Fixed handles leak upon program exit, by introducing pj_shutdown() and …
06:31 Changeset [814] by bennylp
Fixed bug caused by recent sound device ID convention change
03:06 Changeset [813] by bennylp
Added jitter buffer settings in PJSUA-API media config
02:41 Changeset [812] by bennylp
Fixed sound device ID bug: application was unable to use device ID zero …
02:38 Changeset [811] by bennylp
Fixed compilation error if C++ application tries to include …
02:37 Changeset [810] by bennylp
Fixed handles leak in SIP endpoint: ioqueue is not freed, causing …
02:36 Changeset [809] by bennylp
Fixed minor memory leak in caching pool (one malloc is not freed)


15:46 Changeset [808] by bennylp
Fixed minor memory leak in SIP TCP transport
14:28 Changeset [807] by bennylp
Fixed memory leaks bug in speex codec
08:59 Changeset [806] by bennylp
Fixes for S60 3rd edition: - it seems there is a problem with sending UDP …


07:44 Changeset [805] by bennylp
Removed duplicated stun.o in pjlib-util Makefile


06:06 Changeset [804] by fahris
Added svn:ignore for Python build directory
05:18 Changeset [803] by bennylp
Added initial Python module


12:55 Changeset [802] by bennylp
Added checking for clock rate mismatch in PJMEDIA master port.
08:38 Changeset [801] by bennylp
Fixed bug in parser: clone_data member of message body is not set.


07:35 Changeset [800] by bennylp
Fixed transport detachment when there's no thread being used in siprtp.


15:25 Changeset [799] by bennylp
Add pjsip_regc_add_headers() APi to set headers to be added to the …
10:46 Changeset [798] by bennylp
Committed what seems like what left uncommitted in previous commit …
10:16 Changeset [797] by bennylp
Attended call transfer implementation. The changes involves: - Added …


12:04 Changeset [796] by bennylp
Fixed overflow bug in conference.c causing cracking noise (thanks Norman …


03:12 Changeset [795] by bennylp
Changed svn:eol-style property to LF for configure scripts
03:08 Changeset [794] by bennylp
Changed svn:eol-style to CRLF for Visual Studio projects


07:20 Changeset [793] by bennylp
Removed PA_NO_WMME macro in pjmedia debug build. (Thanks Steve Xu)
07:19 Changeset [792] by bennylp
Removed multiple Via headers checking in transport, as proxies will …


07:57 Changeset [791] by bennylp
Ported all projects (except pjmedia-codec) on Symbian. PJMEDIA's sound …
01:13 Changeset [790] by bennylp
Fix compilation error with memchr() on VS2005


12:13 Changeset [789] by bennylp
Another Symbian commit, ported all PJSIP libraries and sipstateless runs …
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