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Aug 26, 2009 9:20:35 AM (14 years ago)

Added to resubscribe immediately if subscription is terminated with "deactivated" reason. From the RFC:

   deactivated: The subscription has been terminated, but the subscriber
      SHOULD retry immediately with a new subscription.  One primary use
      of such a status code is to allow migration of subscriptions
      between nodes.  The "retry-after" parameter has no semantics for

Thanks Saúl Ibarra for the suggestion


  • Ticket #937 – Description

    v3 v4  
    22 - {{{pjsua_pres_refresh()}}} will be called every time there is an operation to a buddy, which is not very efficient since this function scans the buddy list for modifications. 
    33 - the use of {{{LOCK_BUDDIES}}}/{{{LOCK_BUDDIES}}} (introduced by #351) has been identified to have caused slow performance, especially on mobile devices, since it prevents other thread from working with different buddy object every time the main thread does something with a buddy. 
    4  - handle 481 response in client subscription automatically, so make subscription refresh for that particular buddy occurs more rapidly. 
    54 - buddy may need individual timer, so that refreshes do not happen all at once. 
    65 - add the last subscription status code (not just reason string) in the buddy info, so that application may handle some other failures with the buddy subscription 
    76 - sending of PUBLISH in relation to REGISTER 
     7 - handle several cases where PJSUA-LIB should re-subscribe to buddy's presence immediately, rather than relying on the timer: 
     8   - 481 response 
     9   - subscription is terminated with "deactivated" reason