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    • Property Type changed from defect to enhancement
    • Property Summary changed from Update STUN and ICE to the latest specification to Update STUN specification from rfc3489bis-06 to rfc3489bis-10
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    initial v1  
     1Changes in the STUN specification from rfc3489bis-06 to rfc3489bis-10: 
     2 - STUN transaction timeout is no longer hardcoded to 1600ms, but rather 16*RTO 
     3 - Changes in MESSAGE-INTEGRITY calculation, with regard to the message length value. Previously in bis-06, the length was set to the actual/final length of the message. Now the length is the message length after M-I is added, but before any other attributes past M-I (such as FINGERPRINT) is added. 
     4 - Similarly for FINGERPRINT calculation 
     5 - HMAC padding for MESSAGE-INTEGRITY is no longer necessary 
     6 - Some STUN status codes related to client error were removed: 
     7    - 430 Stale Credentials 
     8    - 431 Integrity Check Failure 
     9    - 432 Missing Username 
     10    - 433 Use TLS 
     11    - 434 Missing Realm 
     12    - 435 Missing Nonce 
     13    - 436 Unknown Username 
     14    - 437 No Binding 
     15 - Subsequently since some status codes were removed, response codes for authentication were changed 
     16 - Now non-FINGERPRINT attributes are allowed to exist after M-I. Endpoint MUST ignore these attributes, for now. 
     17 - added more STUN test vectors in STUN test program 
     19'''Note that these changes are NOT backward compatible with rfc3489bis-06, meaning new ICE software based on new PJNATH will not be able to negotiate with ICE from previous PJNATH.'''