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Building the libraries as dynamic libraries (.DSO) in Symbian — at Initial Version

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Symbian 9 build system with its ABIv2 no longer supports linking with static libraries. Some major works need to be done to support building PJ libraries as dynamic libraries


PJ_DLL and PJ_EXPORTING macros are introduced to control the import/export behavior. The declaration of these macros causes the relevant PJ_DECL and PJ_DEF syntax to be generated.

When the libraries are being built, both PJ_DLL and PJ_EXPORTING macros are set (by the libraries' project files), causing the build process to export the symbols. When application wants to link against PJ dynamic libraries, it should declare PJ_DLL macro only, to signal that application wants to import the symbols from PJ libraries.

When PJ_DLL macro is not set, static linking is assumed.

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