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    1 Add authentication support in the pjlib-util's tiny HTTP client unit. 
     1This ticket adds HTTP basic and digest authentication support to the HTTP client module in PJLIB-UTIL. With this feature, application configures the HTTP request with a credential (basically a username and password pair), and the HTTP client would retry the request with proper authorization once it receives 401 or 407 response from the server. 
     4 1. Support for HTTP basic and digest authentication (as explained in [ RFC 2617]). 
     5 1. Credential can be specified either in {{{pj_http_req_param}}} or embedded in the URL (i.e. using "!http://user:passwd@server" format). 
     6    - the username and password part would need to be removed from the URL before it is transmitted to server 
     7 1. Add other authentication settings in {{{pj_http_req_param}}} 
     8 1. When authentication is configured, the first 401/407 response will not be reported to the application; only the final response after the request is retried will be reported to the application. 
     9 1. The request retry (the one with Authorization header that is sent after 401/407 response is received) will be done in a new socket. 
     10    - we will always do this even though server keeps the connection open 
     11    - this is because some server would close the connection 
     12    - ideally perhaps we should look at the value of {{{Keep-Alive}}} header returned by the server