Changes between Version 4 and Version 5 of Ticket #1044

Mar 30, 2010 11:19:38 AM (12 years ago)

In r3128:

  • Added initial version of automatic re-registration after registration failure and automatic call disconnection after re-registration attempt fails.
  • Published auto re-registration setting to pjsua app.
  • Updated pjsip_regc_send() to retrieve the transport earlier (was only in tsx_callback()).
  • Fixed TCP and TLS transport to prevent transport deletion in transport disconnection callback.
  • Fixed wrong keep-alive settings used by TLS transport (was using TCP keep-alive settings).


  • Ticket #1044

    • Property Summary changed from Re-register automatically on TCP/TLS transport disconnection to Graceful handling on transport disconnection or registration failure
  • Ticket #1044 – Description

    v4 v5  
    1 PJSUA-LIB should re-register automatically once it detects that the underlying TCP/TLS transport connection has been disconnected. 
     2 - PJSUA-LIB should re-register automatically on transport disconnection or registration failure (temporal failure). 
     3 - Calls disconnection after a re-registration attempt fails. 
    35Thanks Klaus Darillion and Fabio Pietrosanti for the request. 
    5 Specifications: 
    6  1. Add new field in {{{pjsua_acc_config}}}, i.e: {{{reg_retry_interval}}} to configure the interval of auto re-registration when registration failed of timeout or transport disconnection. 
    7  1. Add new field in {{{pjsua_acc}}}, i.e: {{{route_down}}}, a flag to specify whether the transport used for contacting the first route of the account is down. 
    8     - If this flag is set, sending SIP messaging via PJSUA-LIB API (except the auto re-register) will be blocked (by returning an error code) immediately.  
    9     - This flag will be set/reset automatically by PJSUA-LIB based on events such as transport disconnected, registration timeout, registration succeeded. 
    10     - This flag will only be set when account has route-set (global proxy or account specific proxy is configured) and registrar is set. 
    12 Notes: 
    13  - In the case of IP address changed, it should be better for application to restart pjsua-lib (e.g: to update media transport address binding).