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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#30 Check the samples_per_frame value of media stream bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 pjmedia
#33 Add socket handles to UDP media transport info bennylp enhancement minor release-0.5.10 pjmedia
#35 Unregistration unregisteres ALL Contacts bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 pjsip
#41 GUI program crashes occasionally (invalid) bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 applications
#44 Bug/crash in pjmedia_enum_snd_devs (invalid) bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 pjmedia
#69 (invalid) Bug when the same call id is reused in PJSUA-API bennylp defect normal release-0.5.10 applications
#116 Patch to disable PortAudio ALSA support in configure script bennylp enhancement normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjmedia
#237 -- invalid ticket -- bennylp defect normal release- pjsip
#238 Fix interop problem: some endpoints send ":" character in Via parameters bennylp defect normal release-0.7.0-rc1 pjsip
#262 Create SOUND DEVICE for Symbian bennylp task normal Symbian-trunk-integration pjmedia
#409 Update Contact address/port from the rport in REGISTER response to work with symmetric NATs bennylp enhancement normal release-0.8.0 pjsua-lib
#592 URI comparison may crash the application (thanks Pedro Gonçalves for the report) bennylp defect normal release-1.0-rc1 pjsip
#1080 Missing some NOTIFY requests in call transfer scenarios bennylp defect normal release-1.7 pjsip
#1631 Miscellaneous fixes (backported to 1.x) bennylp defect normal release-2.2 common
#785 Optimization flags for Release builds ismangil enhancement normal common
#791 Add Windows Mobile 6 targets ismangil enhancement normal common
#1187 Documentation and wiki ismangil enhancement normal release-2.0-alpha common
#1343 Refactor: SDL device ming task normal release-2.0-beta pjmedia-videodev
#584 Add support for G.723.1 codec nanang enhancement normal unassigned pjmedia
#618 Bad tone quality generated by the tone generator when floating point is disabled nanang defect normal Known-Issues pjmedia
#632 Update resample with libresample implementation to use relative include path (thanks Seth Hinze for the patch). nanang enhancement minor Known-Issues pjmedia
#775 Integration of codec G.722.1 and G.722.1c (SIREN7/14) to 1.0.x series nanang enhancement normal unassigned pjmedia
#779 Endianness issue in IPP G.722.1 codec. nanang defect normal unassigned pjmedia
#879 Add pjmedia synchronizer port (for audio device). nanang enhancement normal Known-Issues-and-Ideas pjmedia
#1179 SRTCP with HMAC-SHA1 authentication must always use 80 bits tag length nanang defect normal release-2.x pjmedia
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