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#2241 fixed Update Via header on CANCEL request for proxy scenario if the "sent-by" field is not set riza riza

From rfc3261:

For each target, the proxy forwards the request following these
      1.  Make a copy of the received request
      2.  Update the Request-URI
      3.  Update the Max-Forwards header field
      4.  Optionally add a Record-route header field value
      5.  Optionally add additional header fields
      6.  Postprocess routing information
      7.  Determine the next-hop address, port, and transport
      8.  Add a Via header field value
      9.  Add a Content-Length header field if necessary
      10. Forward the new request
      11. Set timer C

On proxy scenario, Via header required to be added to the message sent. The library will add the header on sip_util_proxy.c without the sent-by field which is updated on sip_util.c.

Unfortunately, #2085 will not update Via header on CANCEL request making the Via header without the sent-by field. Afterwards the message will get ignored/discarded by the receiving end.

This ticket will update the Via header when the sent-by field is not set.

Thanks to Varun Ahluwalia for the report

#2240 fixed Double destroy of invite session nanang nanang

Double destroy is indicated by this assertion line:

pjsip_inv_dec_ref: Assertion `inv && inv->ref_cnt' failed.

with traceback:

#0 pjsip_inv_dec_ref (inv=0x4f4b214) at ../src/pjsip-ua/sip_inv.c:245
#1 inv_set_state (inv=0x4f4b214, state=<optimized out>, e=<optimized out>) at ../src/pjsip-ua/sip_inv.c:323
#2 mod_inv_on_tsx_state (tsx=0x4f39864, e=0x6ead64ac) at ../src/pjsip-ua/sip_inv.c:717
#3 pjsip_dlg_on_tsx_state (dlg=0x4f32864, tsx=0x4f39864, e=0x6ead64ac) at ../src/pjsip/sip_dialog.c:2066
#4 tsx_set_state (tsx=tsx@entry=0x4f39864, state=state@entry=PJSIP_TSX_STATE_PROCEEDING,
           event_src_type=event_src_type@entry=PJSIP_EVENT_TX_MSG, event_src=event_src@entry=0x4ef0064, 
           flag=flag@entry=0) at ../src/pjsip/sip_transaction.c:1267
#5 tsx_on_state_proceeding_uas (tsx=0x4f39864, event=<optimized out>) at ../src/pjsip/sip_transaction.c:2710
#6 pjsip_tsx_send_msg (tsx=tsx@entry=0x4f39864, tdata=tdata@entry=0x4ef0064) at ../src/pjsip/sip_transaction.c:1789
#7 pjsip_dlg_send_response (dlg=0x4f32864, tsx=0x4f39864, tdata=tdata@entry=0x4ef0064) at ../src/pjsip/sip_dialog.c:1531
#8 pjsip_inv_send_msg (inv=0x4f4b214, tdata=0x4ef0064) at ../src/pjsip-ua/sip_inv.c:3231
#9 pjsua_call_answer2 (call_id=0, opt=0x0, code=180, reason=0x0, msg_data=0x0) at ../src/pjsua-lib/pjsua_call.c:2317
#10 process_pending_call_answer (call=call@entry=0x76ed5aa8 <pjsua_var+19928>) at ../src/pjsua-lib/pjsua_call.c:978
#11 pjsua_call_on_incoming (rdata=rdata@entry=0x2b6c014) at ../src/pjsua-lib/pjsua_call.c:1666

After investigation, the pjsip_inv_dec_ref() at the top of the traceback can only be called when invite session state is shifting to DISCONNECTED, while answering the call with 180 (as shown in the traceback) normally cause invite session state to shift to EARLY instead of DISCONNECTED, so perhaps the call was disconnected somewhere within the invite session callback on_state_changed() and pjsip_inv_dec_ref() was called twice.

Thanks to Martin Oberhuber for the report.

#2239 fixed Avoid crash in rendering after Android OpenGL reinit failure nanang nanang

Reported that crash occurred after failure in OpenGL re-initialization due to format change (after the first incoming video frame was successfully decoded).

Thanks Sai Krishna for the report.

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